Non-ferro Separators

Eddy current separator

The eddy current separator is a non-ferrous separator that Goudsmit had been producing and improving for many years. This separator consists of a conveyor belt with a special end roller in which a magnetic rotor with rapidly changing magnetic polarity generates an induction field. This produces a magnetic eddy current in electrically conductive metal particles that contain no iron (non-ferrous metals). This interplay of forces results in the ejection of the non-ferrous part from the product flow.

I-Sens sensor separator

A recent development, suitable for all metals. This system perfectly complements the separation process before or after the eddy current separators! Consists of a conveyor belt in which a sensor plate is mounted just before the final roller. This sensor plate detects a metal particle as well as the line along which the metal particle is located on the belt. The software then calculates the exact location, and the metal particle is ejected from the flow with a pulse of air during its free-fall curve, after which it falls behind a partition.