Metal and Waste Recycling

The recovery of metals from waste substances is becoming increasingly important. Raw materials are becoming scarcer and the costs of dumping waste continue to rise. This results in increased market demand for the recovery of metals from waste. Goudsmit has developed many separators that can extract the metal particles (recycling). These metals are often very valuable, which results in a very rapid return on investment.

The following systems recycle ferromagnetic particles (iron, steel), weakly magnetic metals (processed stainless steel) and/or non-ferrous metals (aluminium, copper) from waste streams. In many cases several separators are combined by placing them in series. This is because, in terms of particle size, the fraction must lie within a certain bandwidth in order for the process to generate sufficient returns. A good breakdown is: very fine fraction 0-5 mm, fine fraction 0-15 mm, medium fraction 10-80 mm and coarse fraction 80-150 mm.

Magnetic separators for the recycling industry are constructed very robustly, which allows them provide outstanding performance under even the most demanding conditions.