Metal Detectors for pipeline and belt transport

Metal detectors and separators are used to protect grinding mills/chippers/shredders in the first stages of processing. They are also used for quality control at the end of a process, such as in the processing of plastics.

  • metal detectors detect ALL metals from 1 mm, even non-magnetic metals such as aluminium, copper, brass, etc.
  • upon detection a signal is produced which optionally can be used to control a separation flap (free-fall or pressure line) or stop the conveyor belt (operation)
  • the control can be simple, or operation can be handled via the powerful ADM0x touchscreen controller
  • metal detectors can be provided that are compliant with the ATEX directives for dust explosion hazard zone 20

Specific application: recycling, food, transshipping, pharma and ceramics industries

Operation: a metal detector is a conductive coil that produces an electromagnetic field. When a conductive metal object enters this electromagnetic field, it disrupts the field. Detection of the disruption can be used to control an action, such as stopping a belt or activating a separation flap.

Metal detectors can be built around conveyor belt systems (METRON), or they can be integrated into pipeline systems (QUICKTRON, P-tron).