Magnetic grids

Magnetic grids filter undesired ferromagnetic (Fe) particles – such as iron or steel – or even weakly magnetic particles, such as processed stainless steel, in free-fall lines. They are used for applications in, e.g., the plastics, food, pharma and ceramics industries. Applications include: in the hopper of an injection moulding machine, for protection of the installation or as final inspection of the product, e.g. just prior to packaging.

The powerful Neoflux® (neodymium) magnetic bars are located within the product flow and can filter out the smallest Fe particles – down to 30 microns. Grids with Goudsmit’s strongest neodymium magnetic bars can even capture stainless steel shavings. These extremely fine Fe and stainless steel particles are so small that they cannot even be detected with a metal detector!

A good approach is to place two magnetic grids in a cascade configuration, so the product must contact the magnetic bars or at least pass very close to them.