Magnetic Separation

There are basically two different types of separators in this group:

  1. Magnetic separators filter undesired ferrmagnetic (Fe) metal particles – such as iron and steel – from granulates, powders and fibres. The strongest magnetic systems even filter out weakly magnetic particles, such as processed stainless steel.
  2. Metal detectors detect all types of metal. When a conductive metal object enters the electromagnetic field, it disrupts the field. Detection of the disruption can be used to control an action, such as stopping the belt or activating a separation flap.

Both magnetic separators and metal detectors can be used:

  • to ensure the final quality of a product or product flow
  • for inspection at the point of intake for various powdered or liquid substances
  • to prevent damage to injection moulding machines, extruders, mixers, grinders and other equipment
  • to eliminate the danger of dust explosions (ATEX)