Sheet Separators


Magnetic sheet separators separate sticky or oiled steel sheets and prevent more than one from being picked up at the same time. This ensures that the production process proceeds smoothly. The permanent magnetic force remains constant throughout the years. Moreover, (expensive) compressed air is no longer needed for ‘blasting’ the steel sheets loose; sheet separators perform this task quicker and much less expensively.

  • Suitable for: separating ferromagnetic sheets up to 5 mm thick, of nearly any shape, length or width; even round and asymmetrical shapes.
  • Application: picking up steel sheets one at a time in the plate-processing industry.
  • Switching: manual or pneumatic for automatic processes.
  • Operation: a powerful magnetic field automatically forces sheets apart and separates them; when the uppermost sheet is removed, the next rises immediately.

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Goudsmit sheet separators are available in various versions: