Magnetically conductive metals, such as steel products and tools, which are processed or come into contact with magnets can easily become magnetized. Depending on the type of metal (or alloy), this magnetism may be retained in the object. Even non-magnetically-conductive materials, such as stainless steel, can become magnetically conductive after processes like welding, grinding, bending or machining. Demagnetization systems are therefore often utilized during and/or after such processes. They are also often used just prior to packaging.

A direct consequence of undesired magnetism can be: magnetic products stick together or attract dust and metal shavings. This can lead to the following problems:

  • products sticking together in a mould
  • a rough surface after galvanization
  • difficulty performing electric welding
  • welds that only penetrate on one side
  • extra wear of bearings
  • metal chips that stick to the parts
  • detection errors by actuators and magnetic sensors
  • adherence of extra dirt and dust

Our demagnetization systems eliminate the undesired magnetism.

We do not only supply demagnetization systems but also offers on-site demagnetization of your products as a service.