Sanding devices

sandungsanlagen-sanduhrSanding systems are generally used on rail vehicles, to ensure adequate conditions of friction between wheel and rail, even in poor conditions and reach a safe braking and accelerating.

An ideal sanding system allows to bring a precisely metered amount of sand precisely into the wheel-rail contact point. This will be done under any weather and operational conditions on the orders of the operator or the vehicle control and without any delay. The resource grit is intended to be used economically and efficiently in order to keep pollution and filling effort low. The required function is to be fulfilled without any maintenance and without any failures.


In short, an ideal MBM-sanding system should fulfill its purpose – precisely when it is needed but preferably not noticeable to the operator…


… and right here the MBM-sanding system is the correct choice. Our Sandmaus® promotes the spreading material accurately and efficiently, with no moving parts in the sand flow, under smart use of aerodynamics.


We design, engineer and build the sanding device required for the specification of our clients using proven system components and achieve a high level of availability and product quality.