As simple as possible, as good as the best

As simple as possible, as good as the best

Since the foundation of our company in 1990, we deal primarily with the areas of magnet technology, railway technology and measurement & control technology.

We are a small, privately owned company. Our board are our customers. Your wishes and requirements guide our company. Custom design is our standard.

Quality means for us exceeding customer needs. It is natural for us that only the best quality can lead to long-term success. We treat our customers and suppliers as partners with appreciation and respect. This cooperation at eye level forms the basis for a unique innovation community.

Our products impress with innovative functionality and are designed at the same time as simple as possible. We believe that perfection lies in its simplicity. All products are optimized for maximum safety and a long life cycle.
All employees work autonomously in the company's success and are therefore directly involved in the company's profit. The internal cooperation is characterized by appreciation and respect. Through mutual support, we succeed faster.

Our revenue always exceeds our expenses. Our future is achieved by the benefit of our work. This makes us independent of external stakeholders.

The decision for the business location of Austria is a commitment to the highest quality, best possible environmental protection and maximum safety as well to the observance of legal obligations. The creativity, flexibility and reliability of our team compensate higher wage costs of the business site by far.

The preservation of livelihoods for our future generations is of utmost importance to us. Our main business areas are public transport, freight traffic and the recycling industry. With our work, we contribute to the success of these future securing industries.