Timing belt magnetic Conveyors

Timing belt magnetic conveyors can carry steel sheets to and from processing machines in situations that require rapid acceleration and deceleration.

The position is determined exactly through the use of a toothed belt.

Timing belt magnetic conveyors are available with permanent magnets or electromagnets.
When the application only involves transport, permanent magnets are used. When a robot is used to remove the steel sheets from the belt, we recommend the use of electromagnets; these can be switched off immediately as soon as a robot arm has grasped the sheet.

Multiple timing belt magnetic conveyors can be installed in a parallel configuration. The belts are then connected together via sprocket linkage.


  • easy to install
  • compact
  • modular construction
  • accurate positioning
  • no belt position fluctuation possible
  • no slip
  • quick start/stop; max. acceleration/deceleration 3 m/s2

Available standard articles:

  • On request