Head roller Magnets – Neodymium 6000 Gauss

The 6000 Gauss neodymium drum magnet, with its high magnetic strength, is suitable for separation of paramagnetic and weakly magnetic particles from a continuous material flow. Stainless steel that has been processed by a shredder has these slightly magnetic properties, for example, and can therefore be separated in this manner.

This high intensity separator is also used for the removal of very fine ferromagnetic (Fe) particles from ceramic powders.


Removal of stainless steel particles from
0.5 mm
Removal of Fe particles from
0.1 mm
Cleaning Fully automatic during production process
Magnet system Magnetic roller
Magnet quality
Neodymium – 6000 Gauss on the shell surface
Magnetic field depth Approx. 150 mm
Shell thickness 5 mm
  • Durable coating on head roller shell
  • Unit with separation plate – to separate material flow from Fe particles
  • Vibratory feeder
  • Frame
  • Frame with side caps
  • 2 stages instead of 1 stage
  • Ex II 3D version, suitable for use in ATEX zone 22
Working principle The head roller attracts magnetic (and slightly magnetic) particles in the product flow and carries them to the underside of the belt. The particles drop off there and can be collected and carried away.


Available standard articles:

  • RHAM32100000 Type 6000 G – Roller Ø320mm – For belt width 1000mm – 8P magnet N38 – Replaceable shaft

All rollers are standard available in lengths 400, 600, 800 and 1000 mm.