PK-Push Button series

PK- Push Button a Single Push Button-An Endless s Variety

With its variety of different switching function combinations , touch surfaces and mounting rings, five mounting options and a wide range of colors and pictographs, the PK-Push Button series offers the widest product range of all Push Button families of ESCHA TSL.
PK-Push Buttons have been used successfully for may years for applications in busses and trains, including high speed trains,.

TSI Conformity
The PK-Push Button series meets all r standards for the use in busses and rail vehicles. Where required, the Push Buttons can be delivered as TSI PRM conformable versions for people with reduced mobility to locate the Push Button in- and outside the train

IP67- Protection Level
The ESCHA TSL switching principle, based on a hermetically sealed, one-piece housing, operates reliably and wear-free, independent of environmental influences such as temperature, dust or humidity.


PK Types

PK-Types PK21 PK22 PK23 PK25 PK26 PK27 PK28 PK29
4LED´s** X X X X
6+6LED´s* X X X X
Standardized mounting rings X X X X
Graduated mounting rings X X X X
Visible screw connection X X X X
Invisible screw connection X X X X
Flat touch surface X X X X
Raised touch surface X X X X
Flat Pictograph X X X X
Raised Pictograph X X X X

* Stand-by – and Activity indication, optional with acoustical response
** Stand-by indication


Wide Variety
Microcontroller electronics make a wide variety of functions possible such as extended voltage ranges, optical signaling, i.e. flash frequencies. The large choice of pictographs, mounting ring varieties, touch surface-varieties and different led-colors as well, make a wide range of customized CK- Push Buttons possible.