Electrically switched permanent magnetic Lifters for flat and round objects

The electro-permanent lifting magnet is suitable for lifting flat or round ferromagnetic objects from 6 mm thick.

The hoisting of an object is realised by a permanent magnet, while releasing occurs by an electromagnet that neutralizes the permanent magnetic field.
So without energizing, the magnet is turned ‚on‘.


  • loss of power does not lead to release of the product
  • low power consumption
  • pole shoes are removable and can be changed to match the product to be lifted

Electrical switching and the power supply are provided via a control box.

Available standard articles:

  • EHPM000010 Elektro-permanent Hebemagnet – 160x70mm – 260N – 20-26VDC – 240W
  • EHPM000009 Elektro-permanent Hebemagnet – 200x110mm – 830N – 20-26VDC – 170W
  • EHPM000008 Elektro-permanent Hebemagnet – 300x160mm – 5000N – 20-26VDC – 335W