The Optical Rail Inspection & ANalysis (ORIANTM) is a real-time rail measurement system.

The ORIAN system uses a combination of lasers and video cameras to profile and measure the rail. The system is designed to measure the full cross-sectional rail profile from the base/web fillet area up to the top-of-rail surface.

Mounted to the truck of a railroad vehicle traveling at track speeds, the ORIAN system acquires video images of the transverse rail profile and performs dimensional measurements of the rail in real-time. This information is then compared to a railway´s rail replacement criteria to determine locations of exceptional rail wear. Any rail wear exceptions are then made available in real-time on board the vehicle to the user on a printed report.

ORIANTM measurements:

  • full track profile
  • vertical wear
  • horizontal wear
  • track weight
  • track inclination
  • metal movement
  • gauge

ORIANTM allows:

  • accurate measurement of all rails at driving speed
  • accurate detection of the tracks exceeding wear standards
  • collecting track profile data to optimize the rail grinding process
  • database management of measurements and track locations for trend analysis