MiniProf Switch

The MiniProf Switch provides you with an easy and portable tool to monitor your rail profiles in switches and crossings. The included MiniProf Rail instrument can be detached and used for single rail measurements.
The MiniProf Switch measurements give precise information on the physical placement of multiple rails. Instant calculation of wear parameters enables you to optimise maintanance.
The MiniProf Switch is just as useful in the quality control of new switches.
In addition the MiniProf Switch can be acquired as an add-on for the standard MiniProf Rail instrument.


  • Telescopic rod for reference to opposite rail
  • Gauge information
  • Linear encoder for distance between profiles
  • Calculation of wear parameters
  • Open ASCII file format
  • 500-800 points per profile
  • Shock and water resistant transport case
Appliances:  2.9 kg
Better than:  ±11 µm
Repeatability:  ±2.5 µm
Measuring rate:  10000 pt/s
Profile scanning:  5 s
Processing:  <1 s
Power consumption
In use/standby:  110 mA / 0.5 mA
Profile file size
ASCII Format:  20-100 kb/Profil
Compressed:  10-50 kb/Profil