Metal Detectors tunnel conveyor belt start/stop

Metron 05 D metal detectors

Suitable for belt width 200 – 2000 mm
Removes All metals (iron, non-ferrous, stainless steel) from 1 mm
Cleaning Automatic during production or manual (stop conveyor)
Application Used for inspection to ensure that the product does not contain any metal
Applications Textile, stone, wood, recycling, rubber and plastics industry
Max. layer thickness
Depends on the selected tunnel height

The Metron 05 D is a 2-part tunnel detector; the advantage of this design is that it is easy to mount around existing conveyors. It offers triple-coil sensitivity and accuracy.

This 2-part detector is perfectly suited for detection of all metals; for installation on conveyor belts, chutes and vibratory feeders, for product inspection and machinery protection in the textile, stone, wood, recycling, rubber and plastics industries.

  • High sensitivity in harsh industrial environments.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • User-friendly, reliable technology, proven through many years of use in numerous applications.
  • Many standard solutions with reliable conveyor technology and specially selected accessories.


Type controller:

AMD 0507 digital controller with text display



  • test bullets for sensitivity testing
  • warning components
  • ejection systems
  • power conditioner (voltage stabilizer)
  • choice of colour and type of paint
  • high-temperature version
  • stainless steel housing


Available standard articles:

By way of illustration, we designated 1 article as standard:

• SMDMB114001 Divisible rectangular tunnel 1140x400mm – Type 05D – Steel housing – Text display