Metal Detectors tunnel conveyor belt start/stop

  • Metron 07 CI

Tunnel metal detectors are used in combination with a conveyor belt system. The belt then runs through the tunnel. When a signal is received from the metal detector the belt can be stopped and/or an ejection mechanism can be activated.


Available with tunnel widths of 100 – 2000 mm in steps of 50 mm (standard)
Available for tunnel heights of 25 – 500 mm in steps of 25 mm (standard)
Removes All metals (iron, non-ferrous, stainless steel) from 1 mm
Cleaning Automatic during production (ejection) or manual (stop conveyor)
Application Used for inspection to ensure that the product does not contain any metal
Applications All food and non-food applications
Food suitability
Meets the quality requirements for HACCP, IFS, BRC, SQF
Control AMD 07 controller

  • visually displays your product characteristics with extreme precision and records disruptive effects
  • touchscreen colour display with easy to understand menu guide; quick and secure data input of numbers via alphanumeric keyboard
  • user management with password protection prevents unauthorized access to controller and settings
  • protected from power failures
  • backup and software update/download via USB connection (e.g. USB stick)
  • network solutions with as many terminals as required (WLAN, Ethernet)
Transport speed 0.01 to 30 m/sec


Available standard articles:

Almost all combinations of tunnel widths/heights and detection options are deliverable, so we can usually meet your requirements.

By way of illustration, we designated 1 article as standard:

  • SMDMB070001 Closed tunnel rectangular 500x300mm – Type 07CI – Aluminium housing – Touch display