Metal Detectors in pipe systems

The robust metal detectors in the non-food (recycling) free-fall systems are used to protect cutting mills/grinding mills/chippers/shredders. They are also used, however, for quality control at the end of a process, such as plastics processing.

  • Metal detectors detect ALL metals from 1 mm, even non-magnetic metals such as aluminium, copper, brass, etc.
  • Control via integrated controller
  • Special versions can be provided that are compliant with the ATEX directives for dust explosion hazard zone 20.

Operation: a metal detector is a conductive coil that produces an electromagnetic field. When a conductive metal object enters this electromagnetic field, it disrupts the field. This disruption is detected and can be used to initiate an action, such as movement of a separation flap.

Quicktron 03 R

Metal separator for inspection of free-falling bulk materials. Compact design with integrated valve box.
Flow openings from Ø30 to Ø200 mm.

Available standard articles:

Several combinations of conduits -from Ø50 to Ø300 mm- and detection options are standard deliverable, fully conformable to your wishes.

By way of illustration, we designated 1 article as standard:

  • SMDQB510002 Free fall separator – Type 03R – In/outlet Ø100mm – H612mm – Steel housing – Digital signal