Metal Detectors for free-fall transport

Metal detectors for free-fall transport are used in pressure-free pipe systems. The signal from the metal detector can be used to activate a separation valve. We call the combination of a metal detector and a separation valve a ‚metal separator‘.


Quicktron 05 A metal separator

Metal separator for inspection of free-falling bulk materials. The flexible design of this device allows it to be adapted to any desired application. It is possible to combine the Quicktron metal detector with the corresponding valve box to create a complete separator.

Various valves are available, e.g. round (standard Ø50-Ø300 mm), square or rectangular. If the installation is not accessible, you can opt for a separate control box.

Minimal loss of product because the separation flap responds quickly.


Quicktron 07 RH metal separator (Upgradeof the 05 RH)

Looks very similar to the 05 A, but the 07 RH has been specially designed for the food and chemical industries.

  • detects all metals in solid products or loose parts
  • immune to external contamination
  • easy to clean – meets the highest hygiene requirements
  • extremely accurate metal detection – impressive reliability
  • suitable for CIP (Clean In Place) cleaning
  • integrated explosion certification
  • compact, easy to integrate

The ejection flap can be removed easily for cleaning in a few simple steps (model 80-200). The flap and shaft can be removed without any tools.


Quicktron 03 R metal separator

Metal separator for inspection of free-falling bulk materials. Compact design with integrated valve box.

Flow openings from Ø30 to Ø200 mm.


Quicktron 05 CR metal separator

The Metron 05 CR is a simple version that only performs detection; standard scope of delivery excludes valve box.

For be used both horizontally (pressure transport) and vertically for flow pipes of Ø35 to Ø470 mm.

For transport speeds of 0.01 m/s to 30 m/sec.

Available standard articles:

Metal detectors and metal separators are available in various inlet/outlet sizes and shapes and options, always according to your requirements.

We standardized some executions for illustration:

  • SMDMB517001 Tunnel round Ø170mm – Type 05CR – Connection DN150 – Vertical version – Incl frame – SS housing – Text display
  • SMDQB505001 Free-fall separator – Type HS9050 – In/outlet Ø50mm – Steel housing – Analogue signal
  • SMDQB510001 Free-fall separator – Type HS9100 – In/outlet Ø100mm – Steel housing – Analogue signal
  • SMDQB515001 Free-fall separator – Type 05A – Inlet Ø150mm – Outlets 200mm – H836mm – SS housing – Digital signal
  • SMDQB520001 Free-fall separator – Type 05RH – Inlet/outlets Ø200mm – H980mm – SS housing – Digital signal
  • SMDQB520002 Free-fall separator – Type 05A – Inlet Ø200mm – Outlets 200mm – H1037mm – SS housing – Digital signal
  • SMDQB510002 Free-fall separator – Type 03R – In/outlet Ø100mm – H612mm – Steel housing – Digital signal