Magswitch pneumatic Magnets

The pneumatic Magswitch handling magnet has a rectangular housing with exchangeable pole shoes and is suitable for picking up and gripping ferromagnetic, irregularly shaped surfaces such as pipes, cylinders, etc.

This is the best choice for objects without flat sections. With three possible work surfaces, this product offers maximum flexibility for use in all sorts of robot applications.

The Magswitch utilizes patented technology in which the magnets are rotated relative to each other. This allows the magnet to be switched on and off.

The magnet is switched pneumatically. Control is possible via a 5/3 or even a 5/2 valve.

Available standard articles:

  • MS-8140480  Magswitch pneumatic handling magnet – AR30 HDC – 36x31mm – 150N
  • MS-8140319  Magswitch pneumatic handling magnet – AR50 HDC – 64x52mm – 600N
  • MS-8140320  Magswitch pneumatic handling magnet – AR70 HDC – 92x72mm – 1100N
  • MS-8140321  Magswitch pneumatic handling magnet – AR110 HDC – 150x114mm – 3600N