Magnetic Components

  • Magnetic rollers with diameters of 220, 400 and 600 mm for adjusting or replacing conveyor belts for tins. Other dimensions are available on request.
  • Magnet bar with stainless steel sheathing available (for the rest of the conveyor belt) in various lengths and designs.
    Special sizes and designs on request
  • Flat permanent magnet roles that steel plates, profiles and other iron-containing products can be transported with.
  • Magnetic diabolo rollers for transporting steel pipes. For special applications, such as metallurgical plants and steel manufacturers, these rolls are also available in hardened version.
  • Clamping tables for use in folding and flanging machines. Due to the high magnetic force tins can be processed at high speed.
  • Standard conveyor rollers to stack and destack lids and rings.
  • Multipolar special magnet plates for use in grinding machines. Steel parts are fixed automatically during grinding processes.
  • Special magnetic rollers for the production of battery sheathings.
  • Advanced magnetic hubs for high-speed delivery of two-piece tins via arches.