Magnetic lid stack Roller

Magnetic lid stack rollers are used to stack and unstack lids, rings and discs with various diameters. Examples include supplying lids to filling/sealing machines in the canning industry or stacking up rings in a production line.

The rolls are delivered as two separate halves having a 25 mm shaft hole with keyway. Both halves can be mounted on a (non-magnetic) stainless steel shaft. By varying the distance between the two halves, the roll can easily be adjusted to the desired product diameter.


  • for lid deameters from 52 to 180 mm

Available standard articles:

  • TRUS006001  Ø220xØ25mm – Lids Ø52-100mm – Ferrite magnet
  • TRUS010002  Ø250xØ25mm – Lids Ø90-130mm – Ferrite magnet
  • TRUS012003  Ø280xØ25mm – Lids Ø118-180mm – Ferrite magnet