Magnetic Grits ferrite

Ferrite magnetic grids are available in round, square and rectangular versions. Bars are available in the following types:

  • With magnet system enclosed inside a tube; slightly less strong, yet water-resistant and smoother, thus easier to clean.
  • With sleeves around the magnets, but the pole plates on the surface; slightly stronger, but not smooth, water-resistant or dust-proof.

For particles smaller than 1 mm, Neoflux® (neodymium) grids can be inserted.

Application Maximum particle size 10mm, for applications in, e.g., the plastics, ceramics, chemical and food industries
Capacity up to 30 m3/h
Removal of Fe Particles from
1 mm
Overall dimensions Square 150 to 400 mm
Round 100 to 300 mm
Cleaning Manual (wipe off)
Magnet system Bar magnets Ø22 or Ø40 mm
Magnet quality
Ferrite, Br. 3900 Gauss
Durable coating
ATEX Ex II 1/2D, Ex II 3D, for use in ATEX zones 20, 21, 22
Overall height 40 to 50 mm