Magnetic Filter industrial

The industrial magnetic filter is a very robustly built filter. Standard units are available for pipe sizes from DN50 to DN150. It is made with flat flanges in accordance with DIN 2576 PN10 and a flat bottom.

Cleaning: Once the product flow has been stopped, the entire magnet unit must be removed from the product chute. Then the magnetic bars can be pulled out of the enclosing extractor tubes, causing the Fe particles to fall off of the extractor tubes.

Cleaning of the magnetic bars is done in part over guide rods, because the magnet units of filters of this size are too heavy to lift.


Application Powders and fluids under pressure, with little Fe contamination. For example in the plastics, ceramics, chemical and food industries
Design Flat flanges
Flat bottom
Housing – internal
– external
– Completely stainless steel AISI316
– AISI304 + AISI316
Finish Grit blasted, Ra 3 µm
Operating pressure 10 bar (testing pressure 15 bar)
Removal of Fe particles from 30 µm – 1 mm
Cleaning Manual or semi-automatic (with extractor)
Magnet system Bar magnets Ø25 evenly distributed over a removable unit
Magnet quality Neodymium GSN-42SH, Br. 13 200 Gauss, Tmax 150°C
Magnet field strength (±10%) 8000 Gauss on extractor tube
Max. 140°C continuous
Inlet/outlet Flange Ø50 – Ø150 mm
Overall length 230 bis 360 mm

 Available standard articles:

  • SSFN005038 Connection DN50   – H230mm – 4 magnet bars Ø25/23mm N42SH
  • SSFN006538 Connection DN65   – H230mm – 4 magnet bars Ø25/23mm N42SH
  • SSFN008038 Connection DN80   – H300mm – 7 magnet bars Ø25/23mm N42SH
  • SSFN010038 Connection DN100 – H300mm – 7 magnet bars Ø25/23mm N42SH
  • SSFN012538 Connection DN125 – H300mm – 7 magnet bars Ø25/23mm N42SH
  • SSFNG10038 With guidance – Connection DN100 – H350mm – 7 magnet bars Ø25/23mm N42SH
  • SSFNG15038 With guidance – Connection DN150 – H410mm – 9 magnet bars Ø25/23mm N42SH
  • SSFNG20038 With guidance – Connection DN200 – H460mm – 11 magnet bars Ø25/23mm N42SH