Magnetic Filter industrial self-cleaning

The self-cleaning industrial magnetic filter is handy for heavy Fe contamination and/or for difficult-to-reach places. Cleaning occurs completely automatically, so all that is required is periodic inspection of its operation. The connections are Ferrule IDF flanges, for attachment of a Ferrule tri-clamp. The housing is suitable for the food and pharma industries.

Cleaning is performed by a pneumatic system, controlled by a PLC.

  1. The filter inlet and outlet are closed off by an automatic slide valve.
  2. At the bottom of the filter a valve opens to allow the liquid to drain out of the filter chamber.
  3. At the same time, the magnetic bars, located in stainless steel tubes, are forced upward by air pressure so they are no longer inside the magnetic chamber. While the magnets are in this position, there is no longer any magnetic field in the chamber and the iron is no longer held in place.
  4. A fine sprayer provides extra cleaning by spraying cleaning fluid on the stainless steel tubes to ensure they are completely clean.
  5. The magnets are then blown back into the filter chamber.
  6. The drain at the bottom of the filter is then closed.
  7. The inlet and outlet slide valves open again.

The entire cleaning cycle takes just 15 seconds.

Available standard articles:

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