Inspection Rods

Magnetic inspection rods enable you to determine whether your product is contaminated with ferromagnetic (Fe) particles. The inspection rods attract Fe particles as small as 30 microns. These extremely small Fe particles cannot even be detected with a metal detector!

A Goudsmit inspection rod is a strong neodymium (Neoflux®) magnetic rod enclosed in a stainless steel (extractor) tube, with a handle attached to the rod. Captured Fe particles can be removed easily by pulling the magnetic rod out of the tube (away from the product), which causes the Fe particles to fall off the tube.

Summary Test magnetic bar Ø25/23mm GSN-53
Includes Extractor tube, handle and case
Searching for and removing ferromagnetic particles
Working principle By holding the magnetic bar in the product or product flow the ferromagnetic particles will be drawn to and held by the magnet
Additional information Magnetic bar: Ø23 mm
Extractor tube: Ø25 mm
Length of magnetic bar: 150 mm
GSN-53 quality; 11,400 Gauss on magnetic bar / 9000 Gauss on extractor tube
Temperature range of magnetic bar: -20 to +80 °C
Length 275 mm
Width 220 mm
65 mm
Weight 0,57 kg/Stk


Available standard articles:

  • SESX015048 – Test magnetic bar Ø25/23mm GSNS-53N, Br 11,400 Gauss – 9000 Gauss on the extractor tube