Hand pole Buttons

Hand pole Buttons as Stop Request Button in Busses and Trains.

ESCHA TSL’s handpole button series includes versions for mounting on poles and vehicle walls
From simple stop button up to a door control unit with a two-color back lit display in a metal housing, is this product family offers a wide range of colors, text options and pictographs.

The varieties with braille writing and raised pictographs meet the special requirements of organizations like the TSI-PRM for people with reduced mobility.

Robust and Resistant against Vandalism
A compact design and a robust housing guarantee the high durability of this product.
The use of impact resistant polycarbonate covering protects the pictographs and text from scratches and other damage and thereby aids in the well kept appearance.of the unit.Product types with a heavy metal housing are further protected against vandalism damage.

Basic Pole Mounted Models:

HST 35

  • Large touch surface (46mm x 29mm),
  • Protected pictographs
  • Touch surface with braille writing


  • Back lighted display with high power LEDs
  • Robust design in metal housing


  • diagonal control panel
  • Back lighted display with high power LEDs
  • Robust design with metal housing

Product options:

  • Activation buttons and housings in different colors
  • Customer specific front plate, pictographs and signal texts
  • Different LED colors
  • Raised symbols on the buttons