Magnetic slide Conveyors type Big neck

Magnetic slide conveyors contain no moving parts on the outside (in contrast to a conveyor belt), so they are perfectly suited for transporting sharp steel parts, such as punching waste, recycled materials or drill swarf (works equally well in oily and non-oily conditions).


transport of punching waste or small ferromagnetic parts.


  • no belt wear, requires little maintenance
  • no trapping of material, due to sealed construction
  • no damage to product or conveyor belt
  • dirt and moisture have no effect on operation
  • completely sealed, no moving parts on the outside

Technical data:

  • steep angle of rise of 60°
  • maximum conveying width: 575 mm
  • maximum conveying length: 15 m
  • maximum conveying height: 12 m


Magnets, spaced evenly along the length of a driven chain, are concealed beneath the stationary slide plate. The magnets move the steel parts along the slide plate and carry them to the discharge end.

Suitable for transporting long ferromagnetic parts such as long nails, deburring and press chips in metal and steel factories and in the sheet metal industry.

Conveying width: 275/375/475 mm.
Conveying length: as desired, up to 15 m.
Capacity: 14 – 35 kg/min (punching residues Ø7×1; 18 m/min; magnet distance 600 mm).

Available standard articles:

  • TCBB200001  Big neck – W200/275mm – L2353mm
  • TCBB300001  Big neck – W300/375mm – L2353mm
  • TCBB400001  Big neck – W400/475mm – L2353mm