A height-adjustable footrest is used to ergonomically design the driver´s cab in a railway vehicle. To ensure optimum visibility conditions in the cab, the different body sizes of drivers must be taken into account. The height-adjustable footrest plate allows every dreiver to achieve the optimal seating postion.


The footrest plate is ergonomically tilted and is guided via a lever mechanism in a reliable rotation-only motion when making adjustments in height. The pivoting points of the lever mechanism move the footrest plate ergonomically towards the driver during the height adjustment process.


The MBM Driver Footrest is designed  to your specifications and can be integrated into the floor, as well as mounted on the front wall, perfectly adapted to the special conditions in your vehicle.


Stroke: 100mm (up to 200mm depending on the installation space)

Activation: Gas spring (released by wire – „Bowden“)

Dimensions: Customer specific design

Load: 100 kg

Integrated operating elements: Dead man switch, Override switch for emergency brake, Sanding button, Horn button

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