Electro overbelt Magnets

The electro overbelt magnet has the deepest holding field and is therefore the most suitable of all the overbelt magnets for the removal of Fe particles from material flows with thick layers.

Disadvantages are the higher power consumption and higher weight relative to the permanent overbelt magnets.


Application – Automatic removal of Fe particles from small to large capacities with thick layers
– Recovery of Fe particles or protection of machines
Suitable for belt width 800 – 1600 mm
Suitable for installation Transverse (crosswise) or inline (parallel) above conveyor belt
Removes Fe particles from 1 mm
Cleaning Automatic and continuous, without process interruption
Max. layer thickness 450 mm
Max. installation height 600 mm
Magnet Electromagnet
ATEX Ex II 3D version can be provided (suitable for use in ATEX zone 22)
Power/control Control box and power for magnet required, as well as cooling for magnet


Available standard articles:

  • SEEB100022 Susp. height 360mm – For belt width 1000mm – Oil cooled – 5.8kW
  • SEEB120022 Susp. height 450mm – For belt width 1200mm – Oil cooled – 7.6kW
  • SEEB140022 Susp. height 520mm – For belt width 1400mm – Oil cooled – 10.4kW
  • SZEB160004 Susp. height 600mm – For belt width 1600mm – Oil cooled – 16.2kW