Electromagnetic Lifters for profiles and pipes

Profiles and pipes have a very narrow surface to which a magnet can cling. For these ferromagnetic products a bipolar electromagnetic lifting magnet was developed, which produces its strongest magnetic field in the centre of the pole.

With its narrow shape and great holding power, this lifting magnet can be positioned accurately and effortlessly transport long profiles. Depending on the length of the load, two or more magnets are usually used. The traverse must meet exacting requirements, because the magnets are widely separated and the work piece is often narrow. The magnets must always be in line, and therefore they are attached to a traverse and can only move in one direction (parallel to the traverse).


  • suitable for long, narrow objects, such as profiles
  • accurate positioning
  • can be operated remotely

Electrical switching and the power supply are provided via a control box.

Available standard articles:

  • On request