Electromagnetic Lifters for thin sheets

The holding field of these round electromagnetic lifting magnets is less deep, which makes them especially well suited for lifting thin ferromagnetic sheets (up to 10 mm thick).

A potential problem when lifting thin sheets is that the magnetic field extends too deeply and therefore picks up two sheets at a time. The use of many small magnets with a traverse, together with a tip function in the controller, prevents this.

When using the tip function, the power to the magnet is briefly interrupted. This makes it possible to release a portion of the load, such as when moving a stack of thin sheets. It is also possible to operate with 80% of the magnet voltage. This enables you to pick up very thin sheets from a stack. After a short period of time the magnet begins operating at 100% power again to ensure the sheet is held securely during transport. To speed up the release the sheets, a brief reverse pulse is generated. This saves you valuable production time.


  • ideal for lifting thin sheets up to 10 mm thick
  • various options available via the controller
  • can be operated remotely

Electrical switching and the power supply are provided via a control box.

Available standard articles:

  • EHRO015001 Lifting magnet round – Ø150mm – 4250N – 24VDC – 27,5W
  • EHRO018001 Lifting magnet round – Ø180mm – 6250N – 24VDC – 50W
  • EHRO025001 Lifting magnet round – Ø250mm – 11750N – 24VDC – 120W
  • EHRO032001 Lifting magnet round – Ø320mm – 18000N – 24VDC – 250W
  • EHRO040001 Lifting magnet round – Ø400mm – 26000N – 24VDC – 500W