Electromagnetic Block Magnets

  • Can be switched on and off, which makes cleaning easier. When the magnet is switched off the Fe particles fall off the block.
  • Consume power and require a control box. They are therefore more expensive than permanent block magnets.


Suitable for belt width 300 – 2000 mm
Removes Fe particles from 1 mm
Cleaning By switching off magnet
Application Few Fe particles in the product flow
For monitoring intake
For protecting machines
Max. layer thickness 600 mm
Max. installation height 750 mm
Options Ex II 3D version, suitable for use in ATEX 22 dust explosion hazard zone


Available standard articles:

  • SEBM020001 Typ EP5 – Susp. height 240mm – for belt width 700mm – Air cooled – 2,0kW
  • SEBM030001 Typ EP6 – Susp. height 280mm – for belt width 800mm – Air cooled – 3,0kW
  • SEBM037001 Typ EP7 – Susp. height 320mm – for belt width 900mm – Air cooled – 3,7kW
  • SZBE052001 Typ EP8 – Susp. height 360mm – for belt width 1000mm – Air cooled – 5,5kW
  • SEBM070001 Typ EP9 – Susp. height 400mm – for belt width 1300mm – Air cooled – 7,0kW