CNG fueling stations

ValEvo valve systems can be integrated in fast-fill CNG fueling stations without using much space.
The block construction reduces the time and effort needed to construct, assemble and pipe of such fueling stations.

Priority panel
The priority panel block controls the priority for filling the 3-bank storage.
Direct fueling
If the pressure in the HB is too low to fuel a vehicle completely, the vompressor can directly fill the vehicle without filling up one of the 3 banks at the same time.
The sequencing block controls the gas flow of the 3-bank storage and forwards the gas to the dispenser. It also controls switching from one bank to the next. Sequencing blocks are equipped with filters and can be installed either on the facility or directly in the dispenser.
If the sequencing block is not built into the dispenser, close off units in the dispenser are used to start and stop the filling procedure. Dispenser blocks are equipped with filters.
Product series
The following table shows an overview of our product series with different flow capacities.

Valve system

Series 168 (smallest refuel. system)

Series 165


Series 164 (Buses)

Type of solenoid valves

poppet valve, pilot medium operated

Orifice size

4 mm

8 mm

12 mm

18 mm

Throughput CNG

25 kg / min

2050 m3/h

45 Kg / min

3’700 m3/h

160 Kg / min

13’000 m3/h

340 Kg / min

28’000 m3/h

Min. pressure difference

1,0 bar to open, 0 bar to maintain open

1,5 bar to open and to maintain open

Max. operating pressure

350 bar

Preventive maintenance

No preventive maintenance


Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23 EC



EEx dm IIC T4

EEx em II T4

EEx me II T3

Description according RL 94/9/EG

II 2 G

Certification according RL 94/9/EG

LCIE 02 ATEX 6451 X

KEMA 02 ATEX 2240

LCIE 02 ATEX 6023 X

Ambient temperature °C

– 40 up to + 65°C

– 30 up to + 80°C

– 40 up to + 75°C

Power consumption

9 W

17 W

13 W

Protection class ( EN 60529 )

IP 67

IP 66

Input supply voltage *

24 VDC, 24 VAC, 230 VAC

Electric connection

terminal box

*additional on request