Battery-powered Lifting Magnets

Battery-powered lifting magnets are suitable for transporting ferromagnetic work pieces, without the need for a continuous power supply. The work piece can be passed from crane to crane or fork-lift truck to fork-lift truck without dropping the load.

The magnet is powered by a battery: the controller is located on the magnet for simple control. These magnets are supplied with a battery charger and are also available with a wireless remote control.


  • wireless
  • simple operation, optionally via remote control

Available standard articles:

  • EHBRH50151 Battery lifting magnet – 500x200mm – 12500N – 12VDC – 128W
  • EHBRH70251 Battery lifting magnet – 700x270mm – 20000N – 12VDC – 215W
  • EHBRH99461 Battery lifting magnet – 1020x460mm – 75000N – 24VDC – 1000W